BSD blind spot monitoring lane change assistance system 24GHz Microwave radar

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  • The blind spot detection system is a vehicle auxiliary equipment that can help you change lanes safely and improve driving safety during driving.
  • This system integrates blind spot detection and reversing assistance
  • High-speed frequency sensors for the left-rear and right -rear of the vehicle
  • Buzzer warning indicators for right and left side
  • Warning indicators will illuminate to warn you of an object
  • System is activated with the turn signals

  • detection range: 7*4m(L*W)
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    Safety Just For You

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    Why upgrade blind spot monitoring and line connection auxiliary system

    In recent years, with the continuous growth of car ownership, the number of deaths from traffic accidents has been increasing year by year.

    According to statistical data, the number of deaths from traffic accidents in 2016 increased by 5.5% compared to 2015.

    According to reports, about 30% of traffic accidents worldwide are caused by blind spots in car driving

    24GHz microwave radar blind spot monitoring system-1



    24GHz microwave rada

    1. Blind spot alarm distance 8-10 meters, LED lights for warning

    2. The system starts working when the vehicle is started, and during driving, millimeter wave sensors emit microwave signals to blind spots on both sides 3-5 meters/8-10 meters behind. When the target vehicle enters the monitoring blind spot, the corresponding graphic indicator light in the rearview mirror will light up





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