[Copy] Chinese Manufacturer Radar Eight-leveled Rectangle Detection Car Reverse Parking system with colorful LCD Display

Short Description:

Model No: MP-228LCD

Technical Parameter:
Working Voltage: 10.5-15.5V
Sensor Mounting Height: 0.5-0.7M
Detection Range: 0.3-2M
Working Temperature: -40 ℃~+85 ℃

Product Detail

Safety Just For You

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Product derails:

1. LCD Screen, different background light (Green, Orange and Red, which based on obstacle distance)
2. Built in English voice reporting the reversing distance
3. The screen shows you the direct information when you reversing.
4. Three ranges of volume adjustable, eight-leveled rectangle detection displaying the obstacle obviously.
5. Automatically adjust the brightness according to the situation, never dazzle at night.
6. Anti-jamming technology, low error report.
7. 2/4/6/8 sensors are optional.



Parking sensors?are small sensors installed into the front and rear bumpers of a car that emits ultrasonic waves and then receives them back from an object nearby. These sonar waves are then transmitted to a display in the car’s interior to let the driver know how close or far the car is from a nearby object.
The system alerts the driver by emitted a tone, or beeping noise when the car is close to the object. As the car gets closer, the tone becomes louder and more constant to let the driver know they need to reverse the car’s direction.


Minpn treats employees, customers and distributors with sincerity and honesty and respect everyone’s efforts on work. Under the same goal, we unite as one to face the difficulty of reality;we toast for the achievement of each new automotive safety electronic project while we also engage in self-criticism for any fault. It is contented and happy for all of Minpn family to give a safe and pleasant driving experience to worldwide drivers.

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