1.What are your prices?

We offer best factory cost price,and we do not sell retail online,to make sure the biggest profits of our customers.

2.Do you have a minimum order quantity?


3.What is the average lead time?

For samples,1-3 days;for bulk orders,20-35days.

4.What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

30% before production,100% balance before shipment.

5.What is the product warranty?

1 year warranty

?6.Daily maintenance of parking sensor

Under normal circumstances, the user does not need special maintenance during use, but when there is dirt, dust and other foreign objects adhering to the surface of the sensor, it needs to be cleaned. Do not use sharp instruments such as sandpaper or screwdriver to clean the sensor surface, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of detection or cause permanent damage.

7.Parking sensor installation height selection technique

The installation height of parking sensor is usually defined as > 50 cm at no load and > 45 cm at full load, which may be slightly lower due to the overall design of the vehicle. When the installation height ratio is lower than the standard, it is preferable to use the sensor with an upward 7-15 degree angle profile. When the installation height ratio is higher than the standard, the sensor with an oblique downward 3-10 degree profile can be selected.

8. Selection of installation position of parking sensor controller

The parking sensor controller is usually installed on the left side of the rear tail box.
The reasons for choosing this position:
1.Close to the reversing light, easy to supply power;
2.It’s convenient to run cables.
3.It will not rain here , no need to waterproof the controller.


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